How To Make Tater Tots – How To Make Tater Tots In Air Fryer

Many children tell their mothers, I want to eat Tatar tots and every mother wants her to feed her cooked home-cooked food to her children, so every mother tries to cook every meal at home and cook every meal. If you learn, we will learn how to make Tatar tots, it is very easy to make Tatar tots in air fryer, we will tell you how to make Tatar tots in a very easy way, we will teach you how to make Tatar tots at home, tasty and fun, so let’s start making Tatar tots do.


how-to make-tater-tots
how-to make-tater-tots


  • Water  – some
  • Potato  – 4 pieces
  • Salt  – some
  • Oil  – for frying

Tatar tots are very easy to make Today we make ‘Tater Tots‘, we have to take new potatoes with thin peels, old potatoes with thick peels can also be taken from thinly peeled potatoes,

Tatar tots are very easy to makeTater tots are better than potatoes with thick peels are a little sweet if thin peeled If you do not get potatoes, then you can also take potatoes with thick peels, first peel the peel of the potato thoroughly and then wash it well with water, then cut all the potatoes,

then cut 1 potato into about 4 to 5 pieces. Cut it, then take water in a vessel, take almost enough water that all the potatoes are immersed in that water, then put the pot on the gas and boil the water, when the water starts boiling, put all the potatoes in it and boil all the potatoes.

You do not have to take a pressure cooker to boil potatoes because if you boil potatoes in a pressure cooker, then a lot of cornflour will have to be added,

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then one tablespoon of salt has to be added to the potatoes, the potatoes have to be boiled so that the potatoes are cooked well. To check whether or not, press the potato with a knife and see if the knife easily penetrates the potato,

then understand that The loo is cooked well, then after turning off the gas, take the vessel off the gas and remove all the water from the potato with the help of a sieve, there should not be any water in the potato, then press all the potatoes with a fork or spoon.

You have to break all the potatoes and make them finely, we will not add cornflour, you do not have to grind the potatoes in the grinder because the potato gets wet by grinding in the grinder,

then all the grinded potatoes have to be made into small balls by grinding the potatoes. If you are having trouble in making the dough, if it seems that the potato is a little wet, then after making the dough,



you can put arrowroot powder corn flour on the dough and keep it slightly, you can shape the potato according to your own. It is round or long like tater tots we are making only plain tater tots with salt, you can also make tater tots with spices,

if you want to make tater tots with spices, after grinding the potatoes, you can add some spices to the potatoes. We are making tater tots with salt only, then put all the potatoes on paper by making dough, then put all the potatoes in 2 to 3 pieces.

Put them in the freezer for an hour so that all the potatoes get frozen, if you keep the potatoes in the freezer for the whole night, then it is better then take out all the potatoes from the freezer,

then put the pan on the gas and put oil in it on high flame. The oil has to be heated so that the potatoes remain on the oil while adding the potatoes,

then fry all the tater tots on high flame and fry all the tater tots and keep them on the tissue paper so that all the oil of the tater tots is absorbed by the tissue paper.

Now your tater tots are ready, to serve tater tots put tater tots on a plate, add some salt and some red chili or you can also add chaat masala and then tater tots with tomato ketchup served

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  • If the potatoes feel a little wet while making potato balls, then add a little cornflour and make the dough
  • While boiling the potatoes, add a little salt to the potatoes, if the salt will work, then you can add salt later too.
  • After adding salt, taste the potatoes to see if the salt has become too much in the potatoes.


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